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Our Purpose Is To Develop Leaders And Invest In Their Success
Licensing Opportunities Available In Key Markets
Join our team and put more  
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Being part of an experienced and established system reduces your risk of failure.  We walk beside you as you establish your local mobile billboard business to maximize success.
Major Market Expansion
Legion Digital is the nations largest LED mobile billboard company in the US and is expanding through our local licensing program in key markets.
Legion LED Truck Mfg.
Legion LED Trucks are leading the mobile billboard industry in quality and innovation.  They are manufactured right in the heartland of the USA.
National Brand Agencies
Legion Digital is known for our work with major national brands.  Being part of our brand, you will enjoy instant credibility in your local market.
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LED mobile billboard trucks are a rapidly growing segment of the OOH industry.  The Transit sector of the OOH industry is the second largest sector with $1.38B of the total industry revenue of $7.7B.  Join us TODAY to start getting your share!
Are You Ready To Control Your Future?
We are looking for advertising professionals that have experience in the advertising industry that are ready to take control of their future and build their own local billboard company under the Legion Digital brand.  Legion Digital is leading the LED mobile billboard industry as it expands across the country into major markets.  We are seeking advertising professionals that have experience selling all types of media in their local market
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Recent Jobs from Legion Digital
Mortal Engines | Universal Studios
LED Mobile Billboard for Mortal Engines in New York City Times Square
Chicago Bears | Hulu
Mobile LED Billboard for Hulu in Chicago IL
 All Eyez On Me | Lionsgate Films
LED Mobile Billboard for All Eyez On Me at Cochella in CA
Kentucky Speedway | Busch
LED Mobile Billboard for Busch at Kentucky Speedway
Las Vegas Signature Store | T-Mobile
LED Mobile Billboard for T-Mobile in Las Vegas
NCAA Football Championship | Lyft
LED Mobile Billboard for Lyft in Atlanta
Are you tired of making money for other people?  As a Legion Digital Licensee, you can start combining your experience and our system to build your own future
Industry Leading LED Mobile Billboard Trucks
Mobile Billboard chassis from Legion Digital
We start with a brand new Ford Transit 350HD chassis
Our chassis pool is custom ordered from Ford Motor Company specifically tailored for mobile billboard operation.  These are not your typical base model work trucks.
LED mobile billboard body  being built
We then fabricate a custom LED body
Where most LED trucks are converted from box delivery trucks, we build our LED bodies from the ground up out of high strength aluminum.
Legion Digital LED mobile billboard
The final finish work and functionality is unmatched
Not only are Legion LED Trucks the most finished on the market, but they have the most technology and functionality as well.  Every Legion LED Truck comes standard with many options that others charge extra for or don't offer at all.
Take Control Of Your Future Now?
Don't waste another minute.  If you have experience selling advertising media, we want to talk to you.  Legion Digital is looking for entrepreneaurs like you in your area to open a Legion Digital licensed location.  We can answer all your questions about the mobile LED billboard business and help you obtain financing for your LED billboard truck.  Most of all, we can help you avoid many of the costly mistakes that many new mobile billboard operators make when they start their business.  Input your information to the right and one of our experts will contact you within 24 hours to answer all your questions.
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